A traditional all-level class offering balance of breath (pranayama), posture (asana), and meditation (dyana), with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. The practice is performed in specific order and is focused on the classic 26 postures, building strength, balance, and flexibility.

An ambitious yoga class that will have you moving, breathing, and sweating. Sequences focus on building strength and flexibility in the mind, body, and spirit and include sun salutations, balancing, back bending, and inversions.

An energetic blend of the traditional hatha 26 postures and an invigorating power flow. Come to sweat and have fun doing it.

A warm, restorative class performed on the mat with gentle lighting, music, and instruction promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Long-held stretching poses work deep connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and joints. A great compliment to other forms of yoga or the rigors of daily life.


What's so hot about Hot Yoga?

In just 60 minutes, Hot Yoga works everything from the inside out.

Detoxify as you sweat and eliminate toxins from the body.

Stretch & Strengthen to find the perfect balance for the body to function efficiently.

Relieve Stress by focusing on breath and a deeper mind/body connection.

Tone by working every major muscle group.

Prevent Injury by increasing range of motion and mobility in bones, ligaments and joints.



What to bring:

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